Miljenko Horvat

Mladen Horvat

The founder and leader of the studio Body Vital is Miljenko Horvat. Previous work experience consists of working at the Center of Chinese massage (massage therapist) and E Rejuvenation Centre (spine and energy expert). He completed education in Chinese massage, anti-stress treatments, reflexology, Chinese acupressure facial, Energy Expert and Spine Expert.

Through daily work and contact with customers he monitors their condition after treatment. Added to the importance of a personalised approach to each client, their current status and results achieved are monitored. This is more than a job but also the motto and attitude as a contribution to prosperity for the benefit of wider society.

Constant pursuit and desire for improvement leads to new training in the Rain Drop technique and Yung living. Ongoing and planned continued professional development in acupressure techniques and daily progress development working in conjunction with clients.

With a smile, handshake and a positive energy along with a pleasant space salon, Miljenko is here for you to spend time that is reserved only for you and your well-being. The base throughout the year in the studio Body Vital Zagreb, the Croatian summer months in a water-front studio at City beaches in Cavtat, near Dubrovnik and soon and other European cities like Vienna, Graz, London ...

We look forward to your visit,

Sincerely yours.

Vedrana Božić

I entered the international shiatsu school in 2009. I have been building my experience since then and my desire to deal with this as my body allows.

Shiatsu is a wonderful technique that has full access to the body and encompasses the psycho- physical condition of a person. Through deep pressure on the meridians, the body returns to balance and the person experiences deep relaxation and experiences a kind of reset of their body and mind.
The massage techniques have come as an extension of my experience. As a Shiatsu therapist and in other massages, I am practicing various Shiatsu techniques that make up the whole experience and make it different from other massage experiences.

Being a therapist does not just help others to live but also to live that which I promote, that is a healthy life, prevention and self-care, because if you can not help yourself, you can not help others.


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